Work With The Willing (the people you have to convince are a Waste of TIME!!)

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Once you sell someone on being on your team and in your business, then you’ll be selling them something forever or at least until they quit because somehow, you didn’t come through on your end of the sale…

In reality, these people only want to stick around long enough to be able to say that your business didn’t work and it’s your fault that “I” didn’t work out well in it. 

We are in the exposure business, not the sales biz and it takes up too much of your energy to sell your opportunity to one person when you can use that same energy to expose your opportunity to thousands. 

Bottom line, you really shouldn’t care if a person does or doesn’t join your opportunity because YOU are going to build it into an empire with or without them.

(Believe in yourself and your POSTURE will be believable.)


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